Reviews on MT-Yidaki's Didgeridoo playing, instruments and lessons

Yikaki Maymurru yidaki / Door : Graeme White (UK)

This is the first time ( and not the last!!) that I have purchased a stick from Michiel.  It is a yidaki in the key of   F - F# made by Yikaki Maymurru and  beautifully  painted.

It arrived very quickly and was professionally packed with multi bubble wrap layers. 
Although it is being acclimatised, I have had a few plays of it and the description is spot on.  Nicely balanced; smooth toot and  mouthpiece is a good fit. 
A real pleasure to play and good to have bought it from someone who is clearly passionate about the culture. 

Wood Productions

General review/ by :WOOD

Interstellar yidaki player firmly rooted in the tradition of the ancestors.
It's always a pleasure to work with MT. He's capable of adding a new dimension to my so called 'SciFi Blues'. Staying true to himself and his roots, he pulls my music back to earth and than I'm off again.

Great studio musician, less takes are more, and a free spirit on stage!

Give the man a beer! Uh, a cheer.
Sincerely, Wood.

Slim and long light weight yidaki

Unknown yidaki / by : Sebastian Mainka (GE)

Slim and long light weight yidaki @ key E with a natural conical shape 100% termite eaten yidaki.
Natural small mouthpiece So a yidaki must be!
I love it.
Open an clear sound perfect for traditional style

MT-Yidaki Shop: I recommend this shop very good communication very nice contact nice price top quality

yidaki ethically sourced from northeast Arnhem Land

Ngongu Ganambarr yidaki / Door : Mike Edwards

For the last few months I have been looking for a nice yidaki as my contemporary playing style has made me a bit lazy!  I needed an instrument that was quite tough to play - an instrument that was going to make me work a bit!  I looked on Michiel's website as I know he always has good quality sticks ethically sourced from northeast Arnhem Land.  I found an instrument that I liked the look of but, after telling Michiel the qualities of the instrument I was searching for, he suggested that I look at a beautiful yidaki by Ngongu Ganambarr.  Despite the fact that the Ngongu was cheaper than the one I had initially been looking at, Michiel assured me that this was the stick for me - an instrument that would force me out of my complacent playing habits (my words, not his!). I very much appreciate the fact that Michiel was prepared to take the time to find me an instrument that would suit my needs rather than simply selling me an instrument that I liked the look, and sound, of. 

Michiel provided a great service from initial enquiry through to the swift delivery of the yidaki.  As a person who wrapped many hundred yidaki, I was pleased to see he took as much care in packaging instruments as I do! 

I have known Michiel for many years and count him as a good friend.  I admire him as a musician and, importantly, I admire him for the work he has done in Europe to promote the work of the Yolngu yidaki makers of northeast Arnhem Land.  

FATT Portugal

Lecture/ by : Ricardo Branco (APD)

Since 2006 Michiel is one of the biggest influence in Portugal as didge player / teacher.

Because of his great knowledge in traditional Australian aborigine culture, last December 2014 Michiel was invite for the first FATT indoor in Portugal.

Being Australia very far from Europe, nowadays he is one of the unique persons who can really close this gap transmitting the message (of respect) and bringing pure artifacts to the general didgeridoo communities.

His last year's of work is a great inspiration for the next generations.

We totally recommend his work!


Dhapa Ganambarr yidaki/ by : Annemarie de Vries

A great instrument! Not just by its looks but also the sound and feel when playing it.

You can see and feel the craftsmanship when you play this instrument. The trumpet tone is really easy and the drone is warm and deep.

Michiel praised Dhapa Ganambarr’s work for quite some time and I can only confirm this!

I am also happy that the maker get’s a fair price, since Michiel get’s his instruments through a community run art centre.

Thanks for the good tips and advice!

Didgeridoo workshop

Workshop/ Door : Susana van der Klei

We enjoyed the didgeridoo workshop by Michiel Teijgeler  allot!

Not only is he a great player of the instrument he is also a very skilled storyteller en a natural born teacher. It does not matter what age you are, you just have to listen when he tells about his travels to Northern Australia and the history of the didgeridoo.

He also teaches you in easy to follow steps the basic principles of the techniques required to play the instrument.

Of course you can’t play the instrument after just one lesson, but now we know the base and we are amazed of what we have achieved and learned!

And no worries, he even tells you how to make a budget didgeridoo so you can go home and master the techniques if you would like to really start a career as a  didgeridoo player!

Marikuku Wirrpanda

Marikuku Wirrpanda F-G#/ by : Gerd Ottoman

the Marikuku F-G# has safely arrived this morning and it feels very good, to hold in my hands - the heavy, dense wood, the craftsmanship and the simple designed paintings in redbrown - very beautiful.
And to play it is just great and it seems to make endless and crazy different tones: my expectations are exceeded. - But however, now I am a little bit depressed, because I have to  wait, to play it over a longer time, because I want to maintain it well and hold it in honour. That's pretty hard!
If you have the opportunity, I would be pleased, if you could tell Marikuku, that I am very impressed and that I will play his instrument with pleasure and keep it in honour.
Thank you for your competent advice, your kindness and the very successful transfer. Thanks for your engagement for the traditional instruments and culture. In my opinion you have the best website for yidaki and one of the biggest range of probably really good traditional instruments.
Best wishes,
Gerd (Berlin)

Private Didgeridoo lesson

Private lesson/ by : Wouter Hazelager

Last Sunday I took a private lessons with Michiel.

In a short introduction het tells passionately about traditions and history of the instrument.

After that he wanted to know what I came for.
I told him I wanted to learn a new rhythm.
Step by step he taught me a 12/8 pattern.

We worked a lot on the foundation of this rhythm and that will realy help me with my practise at home.

During the lesson Michiel constantly corrected me and told me what I should focus on to get the pattern right.

Great story, good lesson!

Thanks Michiel!
Greetzzzzz Wouter

Aura Rascón

General review / Door : Aura Rascón

Michiel is a very talented didgeridoo player, definitely one of the best in Europe who has to be listened to!
He has spent years of serious dedication to learn the proper traditional aboriginal techniques of yidaki playing and he is a wonderful teacher who thought me how to circular breath in 5 minutes in just 3 steps...!

Check him out!
(Listen to Aura's beautifull music here!)

Didgeridoo classes

Lessons Apeldoorn / Door : Eelco de Vries

The weekly classes given by Michiel are, fun and full of information.
At every level he gives personal attention and therefore his lessons are easy to follow.
Michiel is very dedicated and passionate about the yidaki and the cultures it comes from.
Also on a personal level he is really inspiring and all this with a good dose of humor!
I hope to learn heaps more !!!

Kind regards,
Eelco de Vries

Dhapa Ganambarr

Yidaki: D. Ganambarr D-D# / Door : Kenny Appelen

I joined Jeremy Cloake’s yidaki retreat which was organised by Michiel Teijgeler

The entire retreat we had excess to a lot of top quality yidaki.
At the end of the weekend I went home with a Yidaki made by Dhapa Ganambarr.
165 in length with a very warm sound in the key of D.
I found a real deep connection with the traditional owners through playing a traditional instrument! Video 

Yidaki course

Yidaki: Dhapa Ganambarr F-F# / Door : Gino Cornelis

In spring 2013 I attended the yidaki introduction course with Jeremy Cloake.
This course really opened my eyes to the complexity of yidaki playing styles. I was also very impressed by the sound of Jeremy’s instrument.

To my big surprise, it was for sale.
It came from the shop of another icon when it comes to yidaki , Michiel Teijgeler.
So the authenticity was guaranteed!

You only have to think about the toot and it is there! And the drone has a heavenly earthy feel to it!
It takes you straight in to the Dreamtime!

Greets, Gino

Lessons Apeldoorn / Door : Annemarie de Vries

After a workshop in 2005 I started taking weekly classes with Michiel. And up to now I still enjoy it heaps and learn every week.
The classes are interesting and easy to follow. And when you don’t understand something Michiel will try everything to make it clear to you.
Michiel has got a lot of patience and can talk for hours from his own experience with the instrument and it’s cultural background.
There is a lot of depth in his classes and they are being transmitted with great care.
At the same time we have lots of fun and Michiel’s passion is infective!


Yidaki collection

Yidaki: M. Munyarryun F#-G / Door : Cees Gross

In April 2011, me and my girlfriend took off to Apeldoorn to purchase an authentic yidaki.
After our first initial conversation over the phone I noticed that Michiel knew what he was talking about. We set a date to try and have a look at his collection at that time.
Michiel talked with fire and respect about the aborigines, their history and culture.  For him, each of the instruments had their own story; I took my time to try each one of them. In between trying, Michiel told enthusiastically about his travels and the people he met. The overall quality of his collection was impressive, but there was one that really suited me personally. A beautiful F# by Jonathan M. Munyarryun. It still is the highlight of my collection!

Cees Gross

Marcos Andreu

Yidaki collection / By : Marcos Andreu

Michiel and I met many years ago at a festival in Spain, but it was a few years later that we got to stablish friendship and to know each other better, while spending some time traveling in Australia to develop the passion we both share: aboriginal culture from Norhern Australia and didjeridu.
I have recently had the pleasure to appreciate Michiel's collection of traditional Yidaki and mago and I have to say that it is an outstanding selection at both musical and artistic levels. I'm very happy to recommend it because I am sure of its quality and of Michiel's fair and ethic behaviour along the whole process that involves importing instruments from Arnhem Land. I am therefore sure that you won't be deceived!

Festival Franje

RAMM concert / By : Ron Jagers

Biodynamic dance!!!

What the f*ck?

RAMM isn’t a band you should just listen to, you have to experience them.
Open all you sences and before you know it you will be in the centre of RAMM; the music goes straight in every fiber of your body.
Dance, dance and again dance!

And they only use instruments that might just be the oldest of this planet.
Armin van Buren: Eat your heart out!
RAMM, that’s what I am saying!

Didgeridoo Belgium

Workshop Leuven / By : Bart & Kenny

Some people just play didgeridoo. Other people actually compose didgeridoo music. Michiel does both! At the same time it is quite a chalange to bring across the feel, technique and knowledge to other people. The level of participants was was quite divers, from beginners to very advanced and everything in between. Michiel managed to give every participent a taylormade exercises in a fashion that everybody was pushed to his/hers limmits. So it wasn’t confection work but a workshop customised for everybody. We are looking forward to extend our collaboration. In the meanwhile we have enhough material to practise with. Several people clearly stated that they got inspired to practise and play the didgeridoo alot more!

Jeremy Cloake

General review / By : Jeremy Cloake

"Since meeting Michiel at the Garma festival in Arnhemland, 2003, I have had the pleasure of observing his development with the didjeridu and the culture it comes from.

I have come to know a man who is not only a passionate and skilled player, teacher and performer of the didjeridu, but who is also an active supporter and promoter of the yidaki, the traditional didjeridu from North East Arnhemland.

Michiel has volunteered at Yirrkala art centre several times and works hard to support the art centre and Yolngu people, testament to his generous and kind nature. His infectious sense of humour together with his ability to treat all people fairly and with respect make him an ideal candidate for the exact type of work he is engaged in. I am very happy to see Michiel's new website and he has my full support with his work. It is my pleasure to supply him with the top quality yidaki you will find here.

All the best Michiel!"

didgeridoo classes

Weekly class Apeldoorn / By : Ruud Verhoef

Since 2004 I take didgeridoo classes with Michiel Teijgeler at Percussion school Mi Dushi.
From the beginning up to now, all classes have been interesting and inspiring. Not one lesson is the same. We work on creating a rhythm (practical and theoretical), improving our technique, articulation and the use of our voice.

An important element is that he is very versatile in his playing and teaching. He also has a great understanding and information about the traditional origins of the didgeridoo.

In his shop he has a great collection off Yidaki and Mago from the 1960’s to very recent. This way you can make a good choice on what kind of instrument you would want play.

I consider myself very lucky that I have the opportunity to follow classes, year in and year out, from my MASTER MT-Yidaki

Didgeridoo sound

Yidaki: Djalu D-E / By : Dennis Ox

So far I bought 2 Yidaki with Michiel and I can only say that I am very satisfied. About a year ago I was looking for a F Yidaki with a raw feel to it. Michiel just received 2 new Yidaki and there was my dream F: a Djalu F/F with an easy toot, very loud, raw and a real powerhouse!
Since I already got my race monster I started dreaming of a low D to play somewhat slower music.
After his trip from Arnhemland Michiel came back with about 14 instruments. And in this collection was a deep Djalu D/E. First I wasn’t too impressed but after a week of trying came the revelation! WOW this is Bombastic!!! Just what I was looking for: deep, rich and with a smooth and subtle toot.

Michiel sells only top quality Yidaki and I know that he runs his business in the most ethical way. The money goes to community owned art centre's so the whole community profits!

Djalu Yidaki

Yidaki : Djalu E-D# / By : Andy Stadler

The Yidaki arrived - and everthing is OK. I really love this big fat one ;-) the different drones are very clear, just played a kind of beatbox sound and it worked phantastic. Many thanks, Andy (Switserland)

Yidaki Dhapa Ganambarr

Yidaki : Dhapa E -F / By : Joop Wiersma

A few months ago I bought a Yidaki by Dhapa Ganambarr in E. A very solid instrument with a phat sound and nice overtones. I can get really fast on this one en I think it will give me pleasure for years!

Didgeridoo Larry

Yidaki: Larry E-E / By : Ricardo Branco

One of my dreams come true, I have been waiting around 5 years for this type of Yidaki and this year Michiel found me this great instrument. Full rounded instrument with great personality. Special thanks to Michiel and Larry.

Aboridginal Art Museum AAMU

Didgeridoo Lessons AAMU / by : Lotte Blom-Solleveld

Michiel regularly gives didgeridoo workshops at the AAMU. There is much demand for such workshops and we are always happy to book Michiel. Michiel mainly teaches high school children. He is very flexible and teaches with a lot of enthusiasm. He has got a clear way of explaining the different aspects of the instrument and gets even the most tuff teenagers along. Michiel also teaches and performs at special events in our museum and by his sounds they really feel like being down under for just a little moment. Greetings, Lotte Blom-Solleveld


Weekly class Apeldoorn / by : Gerben Gorkink

Since February 2011 I have regular lessons with Michiel to my full satisfaction. He teachings are done based on a clear method. In his lessons he also pays a lot of respect to the origin and traditional owners of the instrument! It is a man with a mission! Gerben Gorkink

Didgerido player MT Yidaki and Band

RAMM concert / by : Harry Vesseur

I have already seen a lot of bands at the "Borrelnood" but RAMM has got to be the über-act of them all!

Beginners workshop Didgeridoo playing

Workshop / by : Sjoerd Lawende

My compliments for the didgeridoo workshop two weeks ago! Even for beginners it was super informative and inspiring. Fantastic combination of teaching, practice, performances, food and fun with a group of relaxed people. Regards, Sjoerd

Didgeridoo workshop Portugal

Workshop in Portugal / by : Rodrigo Viterbo

You have been one of my most important teachers and I dare to say one of the most important keys for the didgeridoo development in Portugal. So many didge players are working with didgeridoo in Portugal nowadays and most of them don't even imagine how much you did also for them! But they will! Big hug my friend! Rodrigo Viterbo

Didgeridoo lessons by Michiel in Apeldoorn at Percussion School Mi Dushi

Weekly class in Apeldoorn / by : Gayan Preusterink

It has been about 6 years that I take weekly lessons by Michiel in Apeldoorn at Percussion School Mi Dushi. I can only say that I am very satisfied. Michiel teaches wholeheartedly and with passion for the instrument and the underlying culture. What I like about playing the didgeridoo is that straight from the beginning you can start freaking out, but you always see room for improvement. In short, highly recommended! G. Preusterink