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Yiḏaki and mago are the original didgeridoo’s played by aboriginal people in the northern part of the Northern Territory, mainly in Arnhemland. These very diverse groups of people have these instruments in their culture since many generations.

Michiel's aim is to bring you high quality yiḏaki and mago of the highest cultural integrity. All the instruments are hand selected and made by traditional people on traditional land.

Since 2009 Michiel decided to re-invest 1/3 of his annual proceedings as a didgeridoo player/teacher back in to Arnhem land culture. Which led to a shop full of instruments selected for their playability.

If you are looking for something particular feel free to drop a line and he will do his best to source it for you!

MT-Yidaki Shop
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Bilma 07


Proper biḻma or clapsticks are very hard to get and most of the time they are sold before they make it to the website.
So if you are after a pair please feel free to sent me an email and place an order.

My private collection of biḻma from left to right:
Bob Burduwal
Jack Nawilil
B*rrŋ*p*rrŋ* Wunuŋmurra
M*lk*yŋ* Munuŋgurr
Gordon Machbirrbirr
Galpu Bilma used
Gurrukmuŋu Gurruwiwi

Dhapa Ganambarr Biḻma 02

Bilma 07



A nice pair of biḻma by Dhapa Ganambarr. Lovely sound and woodgrain

45 and 38 cm

Djaŋirrawuy Garawirrtja Biḻma

Bilma 07


100% pure biḻma made only with a machette by senior songman Djaŋirrawuy Garawirrtja of the Gupapuŋu clan.

Interesting is the fact that there is a small hole through both biḻma.
The sound is perfect, high pitch with a metallic ring to it!

Ironwood (Erythrophleum chlorostachys)

36 cm and 31 cm.

Galawupa Garrawurra cermonial biḻma



Very rare biḻma by Liyagawumirr man Galawupa Garrawurra. This set of biḻma is of ceremonial quality and painted in a style that is associated with sacred ceremony from Ramingining.
Currently Galawupa is reciding at Dhalinybuy outstation.

39 and 34 cm

RARE!!! Nuwandjali Marawili used, cermonial Galiwali RARE!!!



Galiwali are very rare, boomerang shaped, clap-sticks from Numbulwarr.

I can tell you more if you are interrested in purchasing them.

Ironwood (Erythrophleum chlorostachys)

These Galiwali come with a certificate from Buku Larrŋgay Mulka centre

72 cm

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