MT-Yidaki Shop

Yiḏaki and mago are the original didgeridoo’s played by aboriginal people in the northern part of the Northern Territory, mainly in Arnhemland. These very diverse groups of people have these instruments in their culture since many generations.

Michiel's aim is to bring you high quality yiḏaki and mago of the highest cultural integrity. All the instruments are hand selected and made by traditional people on traditional land.

Since 2011 Michiel decided to re-invest a part of his annual proceedings as a didgeridoo player/teacher back in to Arnhem land culture. Which led to a shop full of instruments selected for their playability.

If you are looking for something particular feel free to drop a line and he will do his best to source it for you!

MT-Yidaki Shop

Barayuwa Munuŋgurr

980 Key : C# – F Size: 158 cm Mouthpiece: 3,2 cm Bell: 6 cm A simple and rustic instrument by Barayuwa. The acoutic spectrum on this yiḏaki is balanced and the first trumpet is easy to hit. The backpressure is on the lowside and it is not really loud. Barayuwa has been working for … Continued

Buwathay Munyarryun

1080 Key : D – F# Size: 144 cm Mouthpiece: 3,2 cm Bell: 5,5 cm A very nice yiḏaki by Buwathay! Buwathay is an important lawman for the Wangurri clan. He does not make yiḏaki very often but when he does they are of high standard with high cultural integrity. This is a yiḏaki for … Continued

Djul’djul’ Gurruwiwi

1080 Key : D – F# Size: 143,5 cm Mouthpiece: 3,5 cm Bell: 7 cm A realy nice yiḏaki by Djul’djul’ and her family! This instrument has an open bore which results in a easy to handle, lightweight instrument. The overal acoutics on this yiḏaki a very well balanced. A very clear sound with enough … Continued

Djalu Gurruwiwi

1280 Key : D – D# Size: 174 cm Mouthpiece: 3cm Bell: 10,5 cm A huge and fairly lightwheight instrument by Djalu Gurruwiwi. The acoustics a nicely balanced and it plays quite subtle for such a huge instrument. The shape is a bit funcky but the mouthpiece is very comfortable. If you have your dubs … Continued

Djalu Gurruwiwi

780 Key : E – F# Size: 153,5 cm Mouthpiece: 3,4cm Bell: 11,3 cm Because of the weight I have decided to lower the price on this yiḏaki from € 980,- to € 780,- A meaty and heavy yiḏaki by Galpu yiḏaki master Djalu Gurruwiwi. The acoustics on this instrument are a bit on the … Continued

Djalu Gurruwiwi

Sold Key : F# – G# Size: 143,8 cm Mouthpiece: 3,1cm Bell: 14,3 cm A master blaster yiḏaki by Djalu Gurruwiwi. This yiḏaki was one of Jeremy Cloake’s favorite. Direct and responsive. Great balance in sound and very, very loud! The camera on my phone could not handle the volume produced by this amazing yiḏaki … Continued

Wakaŋ Munyarryun

€580 Key : G – A Size: 122,3 cm Mouthpiece: 3,3cm Bell: 7,8 cm A well used instrument from the Dhalinybuy community. Completly covered in duct-tape. A practice that is used by Yolŋu to repair cracks and make sure that the instrument always plays when it is needed. This is what a genuine yiḏaki looks … Continued

Djalu Gurruwiwi

SOLD Key : D – C# Size: 173 cm Mouthpiece: 3,1cm Bell: 8 cm Big and subtle. A great example of the kind of yiḏaki that Djalu produces nowadays. A great bassy instrument with requires a gentle approach. But if you are not one of those people that want to blast but more the kind … Continued

Marikuku Wirrpanda used

€880 Key : F – F# Size: 132 cm Mouthpiece: 3,6cm Bell: 7 cm Now this is a great stick! Powerfull and resonant. It requires a bit of a push, so it is not for the lazy player. This is a stick for the tradhead that likes to play that ‘hard tongue style’. Perfect in … Continued

Wakaŋ Munyarryun used

€980 Key : F – F Size: 148 cm Mouthpiece: 3,2cm Bell: 6 cm 100% cultural authenticity! This great F was used in the Dhalinybuy community for 3 years! Instruments of this age, quality and provenance are really hard to get. It is fast and responsive and plays like a dream. This is a true … Continued