MT-Yidaki Shop

Yiḏaki and mago are the original didgeridoo’s played by aboriginal people in the northern part of the Northern Territory, mainly in Arnhemland. These very diverse groups of people have these instruments in their culture since many generations.

Michiel's aim is to bring you high quality yiḏaki and mago of the highest cultural integrity. All the instruments are hand selected and made by traditional people on traditional land.

Since 2011 Michiel decided to re-invest a part of his annual proceedings as a didgeridoo player/teacher back in to Arnhem land culture. Which led to a shop full of instruments selected for their playability.

If you are looking for something particular feel free to drop a line and he will do his best to source it for you!

Please read my Disclaimer, thank you.

MT-Yidaki Shop

Djalu Gurruwiwi used

Sold Key : F# – F Size: 144,5 cm Mouthpiece: 3,1 cm Bell: 9,5 cm More info and a video wil be updated soon   Contemporary Video × Close

Ŋoŋu Ganambarr biḻma

€225 Proper biḻma for songmen. Nice metalic sound! Ref number: bilma02012020 42 and 33 cm

Ŋoŋu Ganambarr biḻma

€200 Proper biḻma for songmen. Nice metalic sound! Ref number: bilma01012020 43,5 and 31 cm

Marikuku Wirrpanda

880 Key : F – F# Size: 145 cm Mouthpiece: 3,1 cm Bell: 9,1 cm A nice and solid stick by Marikuku Wirrpanda. Super backpressure to get into the faster trad. styles. You need to push it a bit but when you do it really comes to live! A proper Yolŋu sound with clear acoustics … Continued

Winiwini Gurruwiwi

980 Key : D# – F Size: 163,5 cm Mouthpiece: 2,7 cm Bell: 9,4 cm Sometimes you will hear Yolŋu talk about bass and lead yiḏaki. This is a bass yiḏaki! It will shake the room but still has got plenty of definition in the higher range so you will be able to put proper … Continued

Dhapa Ganambarr

980 Key : E – F# Size: 151 cm Mouthpiece: 3,1 cm Bell: 8,3 cm Did I tell you that I love the work of Dhapa Ganambarr? I just say it in 2 words: Top yiḏaki! You won’t be dissapionted when you add this one to your collection. Since 2020, Michiel is compensating Co2 emmisions … Continued

B*rrŋ*p*rrŋ* Wunuŋmurra

1080 Key : F# – G Size: 139 cm Mouthpiece: 2,9 cm Bell: 8,7 cm A superb yiḏaki by old B*rrŋ*p*rrŋ* Wunuŋmurra. One of the old men who was custodian of the yiḏaki for the Dhalwaŋu clan. As soon as I took it out of the box I knew it was a great stick! Just … Continued

Marikuku Wirrpanda

680 Key : D# – F Size: 150 cm Mouthpiece: 3 cm Bell: 6,7 cm A very nice instrument by Marikuku Wirrpanda. Modest but everything is included. Strong backpressure, overall good acoutsics and an easy to hit horn note. The mouthpiece is very comfortable. And it plays almost by itself. Decorated with design in ochre’s. … Continued

Djalu Gurruwiwi & Wanapati Yunupiŋu

1180 Key : D – F Size: 160,5 cm Mouthpiece: 3,1 cm Bell: 8,5 cm Not one of those big master blasters that made Djalu’ famous throughout the world. A more gentle but still deep, resonating and very stable. The backpressure is not really high so you will need to stay in control. But at … Continued

Djul’djul’ Gurruwiwi

780 Key : E – G Size: 129 cm Mouthpiece: 2,8 cm Bell: 6,8 cm A thoroughbred yiḏaki by Didiwarr Wunuŋmurra and his mother Djul’djul’ Gurruwiwi. Straight forward and undiluted! An easy to handle instrument with good backpressure. It has that nice Arnhemland sound. A bit dirty but still a good mix of frequencies. A … Continued