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Rare vintage David Yirindilli C - Dis
  • Rare vintage David Yirindilli C - Dis
  • Rare vintage David Yirindilli C - Dis
  • Rare vintage David Yirindilli C - Dis

Rare vintage David Yirindilli C - Dis

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  • Key : C - D# 
  • Size: 173,5 cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 3 cm  
  • Bell: 0 cm

A rare instrument from my private collection by David Yirindilly (Ϯ 2006).

David was a senior singer with the White Cockatoo performance group from Maningrida.

He has toured all over the world together with David Blanasi, Jack Nawilill and Darryl Dikarrna Brown.

Instruments by his hand are rare. Instruments from this region with this length are also a rarity.

In 2016 I was a guest curator at the AAMU (Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht) for the exhibition 'The Power of Wood'. For this exhibition I was responsible for the didgeridoo department.

I received this instrument as compensation for my work.

The museum purchased the instrument around 1993.

It was also featured at a trad didgeridoo exhibition in Portugal and during 'Breath of Live' in Switzerland, where I acted as guest curator at both.

A super cool and clean instrument. An easy toot. And very beautiful painting in natural ochres.

There are some minor damages here and there, but that is acceptable for an instrument that is 30 years old.

Although the instrument is certainly still playable, I would like to warn you that it has been standing still for 30 years and is therefore bone dry. The new owner should therefore be extremely careful if you plan to play it regularly. 

A super stick, with a good story, for the collector and/or serious trad. stick enthusiasts.