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Djalu' Gurruwiwi E/F - F

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  • Key : E/F - F
  • Size: 150,5 cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 2,8 cm  
  • Bell: 12,5 cm

wow! A super massive instrument with an overwhelming sound.

The basic drone sits between E and F.

Strong in all frequencies and a very easy and round first trumpet.

You can blow this instrument to its full potential with relative ease.

Your high-pitched vocals pass through the instrument with great ease and sound like crystal when you yell the right pitch.

The mouthpiece is set up with a little black beeswax. Personally, I don't think the instrument needs this. I would definitely take it off and see how it plays without. (You can always set it up again).

I know; a steep price but the instrument is well worth it!
I don't come across an instrument like this very often, and then also from the master himself!

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