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Bambarrarr Marawili F - G
  • Bambarrarr Marawili F - G
  • Bambarrarr Marawili F - G
  • Bambarrarr Marawili F - G

Bambarrarr Marawili F - G

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  • Key : F – G  
  • Size: 141 cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 2,8 cm  
  • Bell: 6,6 cm

A perfect F from a maker from the remote community of Yillparra.

This is a very stable and responsive yiḏaki painted with Garaŋali, the ancestral crocodile nest.

This yiḏaki responds very well to the slightest tongue action which, in my opinion, will teach you to articulate very clearly.

The overall acoustics are very well defined. It has a top score on the balance between bass, mid and high.

The back presurre is on the high end of the spectrum and the nice round trumpets just pop like popcorn.

This yiḏaki comes from the private collection of Jeremy Cloake and is of the highest quality!

A truly unique piece, straight from the source!

Bambarrarr Marawili F - G yiḏaki / didgeridoo