Marikuku Wirrpanda F - Fis

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Now this is a great, used stick!

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  • Key : F – F#  
  • Size: 132 cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 3,6cm  
  • Bell: 7 cm

Now this is a great stick! Powerfull and resonant. It requires a bit of a push, so it is not for the lazy player. This is a stick for the tradhead that likes to play that ‘hard tongue style’. Perfect in its frequencies and great backpressure. It has evenly made thin walls and a very comfortable mouthpiece.
Marikuku made this instrument and took it to a funeral at Ganggan, a very remote community where alot of Yolŋu artists reside, where it had some use.

Marikuku Wirrpanda used F - F# yidaki/didgeridoo
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