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Larry Gurruwiwi C-D

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  • Key : C – D  
  • Size: 176,5 cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 3,2 cm  
  • Bell: 11 cm
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  • Key : C - D  
  • Size: 176,5 cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 3,2 cm  
  • Bell: 11 cm

An epic yiḏaki that Djalu’ would refer to as a Djuŋgirriny’ .

One of the yiḏaki that the Galpu are the custodion off.

Big and bassy with high backpressure, considering the key.

Very rich in overtones and the dup is easily to hit and blends in very nice with the drone.

This instrument plays with such ease that it will draw new rythms from your subconsious.

It can handle any style, both contemporary as well as traditional.

A bit off beeswax is mounted on the mouthpiece. Personally I would take it off.

You won’t be disappointed

I wish I could keep it my self...

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