Michiel Teijgeler ( a.k.a MT-Yidaki ) is one of the first and most influential didgeridoo players from The Netherlands.

Active since 1993, he inspired and taught literally thousends of people.

On his new website you can find everything about:
- His lessons and workshops ;
- His music, including his amazing biodynamic dance actDidge 'n Skins;
- Shop filled with instruments of the highest cultural degree ;

Please enjoy your visit!!!
Michiel Teijgeler



Didge 'n Skins

Ready to rock! Didge ´n Skins is Holland’s newest live, organic dance sensation!
Didge+Drums+Percussion+Chant = Dance!

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The Walkabout yidaki 2015/2016

Check out my new(Facebook) project, the walkabout yidaki! Subscribe to my mailinglist to stay tuned. Or go straight to it's facebook page!

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Traditional Yolŋu Style

After an intens study and investing you can now book me for a traditional Yolŋu style yiḏaki playing workshop. This workshop gets full support by Jeremy Cloake.

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The Mulka archives

A set of 8 CD's of traditional Manykay from Miwatj. Very limited edition (200 worldwide). Vey nice and well balanced redordings! New in this series: Recordings from 1952!

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New Yidaki in shop!

If you are looking for 'concertclass' instruments of the highest cultural integrity, come and have a look! 8 new intruments have been uploaded. Made by Yolngu on Yolngu land!

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You don't find Bilma for sale very often. Most often Yolngu buy them themselves for use in ceremony...

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