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Read all about Michiel's didgeridoo performances.

Solo Concerts

Michiel is known for his powerfull and groovy style of playing.
He is inspired by rhythms from all over the world, which he translates into pumping beats on his didgeridoo.

With over 30 years of experience Michiel knows how to involve the crowd with his playing. He takes you on a tour arround the world.

Besides a skilled didgeridoo player of international fame, he is also a storyteller who can give an interactive performance in which he tells about his learnings and travels with the didgeridoo.

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Dance to the didgeridoo

Acoustick is a live sensation that is sure to make you dance! This groove machine transcends the soul with earthy didge tones and deep drum beats. From ambient to techno & full on psy-trance, you're sure to be amazed by these creative musicians!

This purely improvised show, original grooves and solid beats are the main ingredients to connect and excite the audience. In 2020, when the Dutch government had just announced a lockdown, Pascal and Michiel were approached by ID&T asking if they wanted to play at their pop-up campsite 'Tijdloos'. They played 10 shows in 3 weeks! Since then, the brothers have formed a close-knit team and are ready to rock things with their 'dutch organic trance act'.

For more information please check out their website.
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With his skills as a musician Michiel gets often invited as special guest to join a very diverse range of bands, DJ's and projects. 

Some of the projects Michiel joined in:

Yama Yama (Ghanese High-life band)
3ple-D (Didgeridoo & Percussion)

Jungle Warriors (Crossculture band by Jan Kuiper)
The Livin'Blues (Blues band by Nicko Christiansen)
Yellow Pearl (Pop rock band)
Luie Hond (Dutch reggae band)
Loonaloop (Australian live dance act)
The WOW Factor (Dutch electro band)
Percu Defi (Pan-African band)
Peruqouis (Australian world music)
Wood (Scifi blues band)
Nordlys (Modern classical choir)
Caroline in't Veld (World music combo)
B-Art (Beatboxer)
Percussion Live (Classical percussion ensemble)

So, if you always wanted to add some vibrant earthy feeling to your cd project or live performance; just get in touch!

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