MT-Yidaki Shop

On every yidaki sale I will donate € 80,- to the Gurruwiwi family to support them in these difficult times.

In case you want use this offer please send me an email and don’t order straight from my website.

Ofcourse you can also make a donation without buying a yiḏaki from my shop. 

Yiḏaki and mago are the original didgeridoo’s played by aboriginal people in the northern part of the Northern Territory, mainly in Arnhemland. These very diverse groups of people have had these instruments in their culture for many generations.

Michiel's aim is to bring you high quality yiḏaki and mago of the highest cultural integrity. All the instruments are hand selected and made by traditional people on traditional land.

Since 2011, Michiel decided to re-invest a part of his annual proceedings as a didgeridoo player/teacher back in to Arnhemland culture. This has led to a shop full of instruments selected for their playability.

If you are looking for something particular feel free to drop him a line and he will do his best to source it for you!