Datjirri Wunuŋmurra D- Dis

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  • Key : D - D# 
  • Size: 163cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 3cm  
  • Bell: 8,5cm

A lightweight and resonant instrument by the late Datjirri #1 Wunuŋmurra.

This man is a legend in Northeast Arnhemland.

At a young age he was in demand for ceremonies and in the 1990s he made yidaki for Yothu Yindi. Together with his wife Djilirrma he started engraving yidaki. These instruments were in great demand and are now in private collections around the world.

This particular instrument was co-produced by Datjirri #1 and Jeremy Cloake back in 2002.

Datjirri explained a lot to Jeremy about the construction of yidaki during this process.

Later, Jeremy worked it a bit further here and there.

The instrument has an almost natural bore and is lightweight.

It totally resonates while playing. And has a warm sound.

The tone is warm and the trumpet is nicely full and round. Of course, the transition is very easy.

Super yidaki with a manymak story!

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