Used Yaŋarryaŋarr Munyarryun E - Fis

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  • Key : E - F#
  • Size: 137,5cm  
  • Mouthpiece: 3cm  
  • Bell: 6,4cm

A very nice yiḏaki from Yaŋarryaŋarr Munyarryun.

I've kept it in my private collection since 2014, but sometimes it's time to let things go.

It is a very thin and feather-light instrument.

But there is secretly a decent fat sound in it.

When I was in the art center Buku Larrnŋay Mulka in Yirrkala in 2014, a boy suddenly walked in looking for a yiḏaki. At that time a funeral (bappurru) was in progress and Marrḏapa clan leader Djambawa Marrawili asked for an instrument. After trying some sticks, he chose this instrument.

A few days later it came back with some traces of use and white clay (Gapan) around the mouthpiece.

And super stick of the highest possible cultural integrity!

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