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100% pure beeswax
  • 100% pure beeswax

100% pure beeswax

Shipping within 14 days

Repairing your mouthpiece has never been more easy.

This bag includes 3 beeswax mouthpiece sticks.
Enough to make 3 normal sized mouthpieces.
Just heat up the mouthpiece to about 25 / 35 C (place it on your heater on a bit of tinfoil or use a hairdryer).
Mold it in to a suitable sized ring. And firmly press it in to your didge!

Most yiḏaki do not need beeswax.
Mostly they are played straight on the wood.
But incase the moutpiece is to big for you, applying a bit of beeswax in the INSIDE will do the trick.